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Citi Neuro Foundation

Citi Neuro Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop relationships and financial resources to support the health care programs, educational and community outreach services of Citi Neuro Centre.

Citi Neuro Foundation aims to serve the community by:

  • Providing access to excellent health care to a economically diverse community
  • Forming partnerships with other organizations to support community-wide health improvement efforts
  • Engaging in valuable, non-reimbursable medical activities, such as providing screening health services, physician training and patient education.

Current Activities of Citi Neuro Foundation:

  • CNC Foundation Free Clinics at Wanaparthy - General and Neuro Specialty clinics are being conducted by our Senior Neurosurgeon Dr.B.Vamsee Mohan at Wanaparthy. About 250 patients avail these outpatient services and basic laboratory investigations free of charge during each visit.
  • Neurosurgical Services at SVS Medical College, Mahabubnagar - Heavily subsidized outpatient and neurosurgical services are provided to the patients of Mahabubnagar at SVS Medical college by our neurosurgeons - Dr.Vamsee Mohan and Dr.Vamshidhar
  • Neurosurgical Training - Formal training in basic neurosurgery is imparted by our neurosurgeons for surgical residents of SVS Medical College
  • Educational activities - Regular CME programs are conducted by the doctors of Citi Neuro Centre, for promoting awareness regarding neurological disorders and their management.
  • Free Health Camps - Health camps are periodically conducted by the doctors of Citi Neuro Centre, for screening for Neurological disorders

Partnering with Citi Neuro Foundation:

The Foundation accepts gifts to fund both present and future program needs. Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted and may be unrestricted gifts or designated for a specific program.

There is no finer or more appropriate gift than one which offers health and hope to others.

A gift to the Citi Neuro Foundation is a gift to the community. We invite you to partner with us in giving the gift of life to our patients!