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Department of Neuroanesthesia

The Neuroanesthesia department at Citi Neuro Centre provides expert care in the operation theaters, intensive care units, pain clinic, and casualty. The department is actively involved in the administration of anesthesia to patients undergoing challenging surgeries involving the brain and spinal cord such as complex intracranial tumor craniotomies, open neurovascular craniotomies, complex neurovascular bypass procedures, sitting craniotomies, stereotactic procedures, image guided neurosurgery, and epilepsy surgeries as well as the entire range of spinal surgeries. In addition, the department provides anesthesia to patients receiving endovascular treatment for conditions such as aneurysms (ruptured and non-ruptured), arteriovenous malformations, carotid stenosis, CNS tumor and fistula embolizations, and vertebroplasties in the cathlab.

The operation theatre complex at Citi Neuro Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art anaesthesia work stations and sophisticated monitors with the sole purpose of providing absolutely safe and effective anaesthesia for patients belonging to all age groups. Other latest technology such as gadgets for managing difficult airway, vital parameter monitors, ventilators, and fiberoptic endoscopes are available to manage all types of patients during surgery.

Salient features of our operation theatre complex include:

  • Laminar airflows with state-of the-art engineering techniques to maintain positive pressure within operating rooms along with hepa filters to reduce infections
  • Individual air handling unit for each Operating Room
  • Seamless operation theatre walls with Specialized coating of the walls, antistatic and bacterial and fungal resistant flooring; ┬áproviding a highly sterile environment essential to avoid post surgery infections.
  • High-end Anaesthesia workstation with precision delivery of Anaesthetic gases
  • Stringent Infection Control measures followed under the surveillance of experienced Doctors
  • Advanced facilities to monitor including depth of Anaesthesia and Neuromuscular Monitoring
  • Isocentric C Arm for accurate localization in spinal and orthopaedic surgeries
  • PACS and HIS support within each operation theatre

The department also offers 24x7 critical care to patients with potentially life-threatening neurological conditions requiring life support system, post operative neurosurgical patients and other intensive medical interventions. Various neurologically ill patients requiring ventilation are managed by invasive and non invasive state of the art ventilators. Percutaneous tracheostomy is performed in patients requiring long term ventilation. Multidisciplinary care for patients with dysfunction or failure of one or more organ systems, like cardiac, pulmonary, neurology, liver and kidney, amongst others are provided with promptness and compassion. The team comprises of trained, efficient staff, skilled in critical care medicine.