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Department of Psychiatry

The Department of psychiatry at Citi Neuro Centre is an integrated mental health care system providing clinical evaluation and treatment services for a broad range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders for patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The department provides mental health care on an inpatient admission and outpatient basis and includes individual, family, and couples approaches. At Citi Neuro Centre, it is our endeavour to create an environment that promotes hope and trust among our clients, their families, and the community. We aspire at improving the emotional and psychological well-being of our clients by providing effective, integrated mental health services with compassion, dignity and respect.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Citi Neuro Centre also offers special treatments for persons who have developed problems with alcohol, cannabis, opioids (heroin, codeine containing cough syrups, pain medicines), sedative medications, and inhalants. In addition, the psychiatry department has provided successful counseling to a large number of people with emotional and behavioral disorders.


Counselling services department is staffed by professional (Psychiatrist or psychologist) whose approach to counseling is wholesome in addressing social, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and psychological issues.


The patient has the opportunity to either self-refer (simply ask one of the staff for a referral form) or discuss the option with one of the medical team who will be happy to make the referral for the patient. Before making a referral however we would ask you to consider:

  • The importance for the patient to attend counselling sessions on a regular basis and that they can commit to the process of change that will take place
  • That the patient will be asked to co-operate in a clinical evaluation at the beginning and end of their sessions
  • That the counsellor and patient will negotiate a contract regarding counselling and confidentiality


Any information shared with the psychiatrist is confidential and if consultation is needed with your doctor, pastor, employer, family or anyone else, your permission must be sought first.


All sessions generally last for about 50 minutes; this will depend on your problem. Sessions are held weekly unless the counselor or you makes other arrangements.